Blogiversary Post

Get those birthday candles out, because Three Bags of Sugar has been running for five whole years! I like to think of it as something that I will still use when I’m ninety-and-beyond, typing a up a new story just before I put on my trekking boots and head out with my big family of dogs (and yes, I will be doing that when I’m ninety, thank you very much). This blog is very much a part of me now, and I’m incredibly grateful to have it. 

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (and the eleven-year-old girl)

Harry Potter has been a part of my life ever since I was an eleven-year-old girl. One who, I will freely admit, wasn’t a huge reader. Books never really interested me before Harry. I had read books, but I was more of an explorer than a reader. One that went outside and always came back with cuts, scratches and a story. The type that played with dinosaur toys and Pokémon cards. I also really enjoyed the Nintendo 64. In fact, when I was seven I was told by my teacher that I would never be a writer, because I had never really taken to reading. For the record, she didn’t just randomly announce this in class; she was scolding me for purchasing a fairytale book, rather than a proper “three-hundred-pager” from the school magazine. I was confused; I didn’t see the problem with my five-hundred word story. After all, fairies were the creatures that existed in my back garden, in the big old oak tree and beyond that, in the fields past the road to Mary’s house. I just wanted to know more about them, and that’s why I bought (with my pocket money) the unexpectedly controversial book. I didn’t tell her that though, I just sat in silence and listened to what she had to say. My teacher had told me that I wasn’t a reader, and to a child, a teacher’s words define who you are. So for a long time after that, I was Karen, the girl who didn’t read. Karen, the girl who wouldn’t write.

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Culture Night and Disappear Here

Hi all,

Just a little update on Lady Death! I was delighted to hear that there will be two more screenings coming up this month, so catch them if you can:

Culture Night, Belfast (22 September 2017)

On one of the biggest cultural highlights of the year, Lady Death will be screened at the fantastic BeanBag cinema, at 5:30pm. Come along and join us, it’s going to be a blast!

Disappear Here Film Festival, Ballyliffin (22-24 September 2017)

Lady Death will also be screened at the first ever Disappear Here Film Festival in Ballyliffin, Donegal. Date and time to be confirmed, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more updates. It’s a beautiful spot for some movie-watching, so if you’re looking for a fun (and scenic) way to spend your weekend, this is the place to be.

A piece I wrote a lifetime ago. Hope you enjoy!

Celtic Cross

Lots of interconnected

Rings of folly light that glimmers

Just beyond Apollo

Where the Tiny Titians descend

Like Fionnula, Aodh, Fiachra and Conn,

Upon a cross of convoluted lines and swirls.

I was told it was made by faeries

Who danced in celebration upon

Buttercups and daises

At the notion of my presence,

And so they gathered their trinkets from the stars.

With a hammer and a petal they shaped its ridge

Its vertical height and horizontal partner that

Collide in battle

Ares rages like a foul unruly dead.

I was told it was a guardian

The symbol to keep me safe

And so it is a lifeline to depend.

Apollo in its ever glowing tide

And roars its lightened colour to the sand

Three centuries shall pass, around her Aiobh shall cast her light again.

Film Devour

Lady Death is on the go again! This time she’s heading to Film Devour. Many, many thanks to the lovely team at Film Devour for screening our film. I personally can’t wait to see it back in Belfast – back to where it all began.

Deadly details below. Come along (if you dare)…

Film Devour 23

Black Box, Belfast
Wedensday 5th July 2017
Doors 7:00pm
£5 door tax

Write to Refuge

I was very lucky to be asked to write a short story for Oxfam’s Write to Refuge last year. I have decided to post it up on my blog to advertise the upcoming event in Carnegie Library,  15 June at 7pm. There will be a reception with live readings as well as a photography exhibition that inspired each creative response.

I am very proud of this short story. Oxfam’s Write to Refuge is such an amazing cause that highlights the refugee crisis in a very creative and inspiring way. Had I not have taken part I would not be as aware and informed of the crisis as I am now. If you can make it down to this event I would highly recommend it. Read the story by clicking here!