Colours and You

Colours and You is now available to buy on Amazon. Yay!

It’s a story about an a Robin who wants to make his friend, Squirrel, happy. Random fact: I wrote it while I was stuck in a recycling centre, waiting to say goodbye to a collection of tin cans and glass bottles. I can’t say it was a place of inspiration… it just popped into my head!

Then, once I wrote it, I thought of Aoife.

Not only is she an amazing friend, but she’s also an incredibly talented artist and illustrator. She’s a great eye for colour and characters, and sees the world in the most vibrant of ways. In the past, she’s worked on film projects with me and also kindly put together the post beautiful portrait of my late doggie. She’s kind, funny and an endless source of happiness. She’s my friend and I’m so lucky to have her!

I asked if she would be up for teaming up and gave her the words and away she went; it’s wonderful to see how the words you write inspire others. It always feels so exciting to see the characters for the first time – and I remember gasping when I first laid eyes on Squirrel and Robin!

Writing is such a team effort, which is something I absolutely love. It’s definitely not an isolated thing; for me, it’s always filled with the most amazing people, like Aoife. I really hope she’ll team up with me again, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this little story of ours!

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