Be Kind (and Books are Great)
June 6, 2019

One of my super-quick scribbles... I just finished the new book in the Skulduggery universe: "Bedlam". As you know, I've always been a fan; author Derek Landy is a writer I know I can count on for fun, character-driven adventure novels. My mind drifted away from the book temporarily as I was sitting on a bus, (I blame the pot-hole) and I wrote this on its margin. Sorry book, I cannot control when inspiration strikes. At the same time though, thank you book for inspiring me!

Hope you all like it.

Be Kind
Be Kind

Be kind when no one’s watching
Be kind to show you care
Be kind because you can be
When someone needs you there.

Be kind when you don’t want to
Be kind when things seem wrong
Be kind so unexpectedly
Though you’ve been there all along.

But most of all remember:

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