Be Kind

Be kind when no one’s watching
Be kind to show you care
Be kind because you can be
When someone needs you there.

Be kind when you don’t want to
Be kind when things seem wrong
Be kind so unexpectedly
Though you’ve been there all along.

But most of all remember:
you might not always be this strong.
And in your self you may not know
where your feelings do belong.

And in those moments fondly
Think back to what you knew:
That you are kind to everyone
So be kind to your mind too.

See it New

Sometimes I feel
The world is not enough
To keep me.
So when I feel
like the world is not
for me
I see it new.

The birds that hop around my garden
The smiles of those who leave a print
day by
A cup of tea every morning or
Pancakes that are specially made in a café filled with unmatched chairs.

I hold on to a collection of notebooks, pens and sketch books,
I smell the salt from the air on the beach
My dogs curled up like cushions as I listen to
The sounds of rushing water against our skylight window
Raining again.
And here I am
indulging in
all the sights and sounds of what could be
When the world is just enough
to keep me grounded still.

So Mighty are We

We are all


Just that little

bit lost

In a place that’s

much bigger Much


than we

But that doesn’t matter

What matters is


We are all teachers and

Builders and dreamers

We are stars, we are


We are mountains and


We are the thunder that


Though the sky

We are the tears that flow

When we cry

So next time you


Lonely or

Lost in this place

Remember, these words

when the unknown

you do face:

In a place that’s

much bigger Much


than we

this place may be


but so mighty

Are we.

Inviting the Wild

Love is a wild thing, and it can tear you a part if you let it. It can take your very soul away from you, and leave with nothing but those wild thoughts of what was, and what could have been. It can leave you staring into the eyes of those who truly love the wildness in you, without any ability to speak, or be that person they need you to be.

That is what love can do; it has teeth, and it tracks the lines of your heart and tears and tears until there is nothing left but an emptiness and a weak memory of knowing what it was like to feel happy. Love is wild, and dangerous, and it hunted me. It followed me through the wilderness, and I was foolish enough to walk under the glittering skies unprotected. It hunted me and, bit by bit, tore me apart, slowly and deliberately. That is what love can do. It’s ferocious and unkind and it can destroy you.

It is you that I feel sorry for, though.

Because that person who I was, who loved with all the wildness of the stars, is gone. But at least I know that I embraced the wilderness; at least I was brave enough to invite that wild right in.

About Me

I’m a writer based in Donegal, Ireland. My short film, Lady Death, reached the shortlist for Jameson First Shot 2016, and I have since self-produced the film. It was screened at the 2017 Belfast Film Festival, Film Devour 23, Culture Night 2017, Glór Ennis in Clare, Disappear Here Film Festival in Donegal, and Jim Thorpe Indie Film Festival in Pennsylvania.

My script Bakersville was shortlisted for the Northern Ireland Comedy Writers programme, organised by Grand Scheme Media. My script was performed at the Belfast Media Festival in November 2016.

I was also a finalist in the Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award in 2014, run by the International Emmy committee, for my screenplay No Great Artist, and again in 2015 for my screenplay The Nighthorse. No Great Artist was also shortlisted for the Red Planet Prize in April 2014.

I’m a keen children’s writer, and my short story, The Little Owl, was published in Poolbeg Press’s Once Upon a Bedtime in 2014, and my short story The Star and the Tree was broadcast on national television on Christmas Eve 2013. I am also currently working on a number of short films, television shows and feature length scripts, I have a number of manuscripts written for children, and I’m currently working on my first adult novel.

Chapter One

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde.

For everyone that knows me: hello there! For everyone that doesn’t: hello there! I’m Karen, and I go by K.M.L. Quinn in the writing world. I write anything and everything. I write for my readers, and I write for myself. I also occasionally write for my dogs, but for some reason they don’t really listen to me.

This is a new chapter for me, so I need a brand-new website to tell you all about my new adventures; and there are plenty on the horizon! I have a big year of travelling ahead, I’m working with some fantastic new people on some new writing projects. So please, explore, keep reading and join me – let’s brave this world together.