Welcome to my new blog!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my fancy new blog and website. It’s still being built by teeny-tiny website building creatures, so it will go though a variety of changes, but the main thing is I’m back, to fill your lives with joy and scribbles.

So what’s changed and what’s stayed exactly the same…

  1. I have a website section, that’s basically there to make me look really impressive.
  2. There are links to other things I do, like QuothMe, which I’m a big fan of.
  3. My photo and art section have vamoosed, because I want to entertain you with my words, and my words alone. (Don’t worry though, it doesn’t mean I won’t show you the odd painting and photo, because I know how much you loved my AMAZING paintings of bears and owls).
  4.  I have a blog section, that will stay true to the old Three Bags of Sugar. Filled with stories, Flash Fiction Fridays, Wilde Wednesdays and also just general writing chatter.

So basically, it’s Three Bags of Sugar, just with a new, snazzy haircut.

Oh it’s great to be back.


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