Sometimes I feel

The world is not enough

To keep me.

So when I feel

like the world

is not

for me

I see it new.


The birds that hop around my garden

The smiles of those who leave a print




day by


A cup of tea every morning or

Pancakes that are specially made in a café filled with unmatched chairs.


I hold on to a collection of notebooks, pens and sketch books,

I smell the salt from the air on the beach

My dogs curled up like cushions as I listen to 

The sounds of rushing water against our skylight window

Raining again.

And here I am

indulging in

all the sights and sounds of what could be

When the world is just enough

to keep me grounded still.

– K.M.L Quinn

In my writing journal, I’m a big fan of scribbling down the things I’m grateful for every day. I tend to focus on the little things, and remind myself throughout the day that I’ll be making note of them later. As a result, I start to appreciate everything in the moment. This piece of writing was an exploration of that idea; I imagined a character who was thinking about what they truly appreciated in life, even if their daily anxieties, at times, overwhelmed them. I did steal some of the things that made me happy (the dogs and notebooks being my two absolute favorites), but that was very much intentional: I do think it’s important when writing to give your characters a little bit of your soul. Anyway, happy reading!

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