Short Stories

Below you’ll find links to some of Karen’s short stories.

After Anna

I wondered if it was possible to successfully fry an egg on the bonnet of a car. Morris was bathing on the driveway, his green frame steaming under the sun.  I watched him for about five minutes. It was Ireland; the sun didn’t usually visit us. This was a one-time experiment, it was now or […]

The False Widow

I have a fear of spiders. I know that most people do, but they have what I like to call a “natural fear”. A strong general dislike of ugly things. For example, people who have a natural fear of spiders probably have a fear of shellfish, bald cats and hyenas. People who have a natural […]

The Box

I have one son. He is twenty-five years of age. He is loyal, in many ways handsome, tall with dark eyes. He still holds my hand wherever we go. He is my life and I hate him, most of the time. I caught a butterfly today. I was brushing my teeth and saw it out […]

The King and his Two Daughters

The King and his Two Daughters I like to tell them stories. Every night they gather around me, holding onto my legs, dragging me to the nearest chair. I always protest, I like them to think that I’m putting up a fight, that I have far more important things to be doing then reciting silly […]