The Home Stage
May 12, 2019

There are some things in life that pass by us, like a reel on a loop, just showing us glimpses of memories to be quickly forgotten. Then there are some memories that get stuck in our reel and they tick, over and over again, in our minds. For me, that would be my life with An Grianan Theatre, and I just realised last night that I have never really spoken much about it. That needs to change, I think; I need to carve out this experience somehow, and because I don’t have a cave or a rock (or a hammer and other useful carving utensils), I figured this lovely blog of mine would do.

An Grianan helped shape who I am as a person. As a young teenager, I found my inner confidence because of my weekly trips to the youth theatre, and I also found a place where I felt welcomed and safe. It saved me from feeling nothing but anxiety and exam-stress. I learnt about stage performance, vocal projection and the joys of eating a shop-made sandwich on the way to rehearsals. I met lifelong friends there, I met my future boyfriend there (who at the time was sporting a fantastic head of hair), and I realised my dreams there as well.

Because of An Grianan I went to college to study drama. Because of An Grianan I met the most amazing group of people, from staff to drama tutors, to future lecturers and guides, to fellow YT members, and because of them I found who I was meant to be. I left as a young theatre-lover and returned with my first play, The Bull. They didn’t even hesitate to offer my play a night on my home stage, which meant the world to me. You see, it’s the endless support from An Grianan that makes me realise that I’ll always be a part of their family, and every time I walk through the doors I feel like I never left. It’s a diamond of a theatre that has given me memories that will last forever. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I will be forever grateful to them for that.

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