The Problem with Giant Teeny
Part 1

Teeny was his name, and he was a giant cat. When I say a “giant” cat, I mean a cat as tall as a church building, and as wide as a ship. I don’t mean he was a fat, feral cat that hopped from house-to-house just so he could have more than one dinner. No, Teeny was a giant cat. A Godzilla of the feline world.

Teeny was mostly white, apart from his tail and left ear; they were both black. He also had a little spec of dark, black fur on his nose, which made it look like a bug had been squatted there and went “splat”! Although, I figured that if there was a fly that size that existed on the planet, then the world would have bigger problems than a giant cat.

I like cats, although preferably ones that are regular cat-sized cats. I noticed a few strays hanging around my house, so I decided to feed them. I started with some leftover pieces of meat, which soon graduated to me buying large boxes of dry food. I had a bowl for each cat and I would watch as they all got tucked in; I was a good human, and the local wildcats knew that. This knowledge left me with a fuzzy feeling in my tummy, and as it turned out, left the cats with the exact same feeling as they all started to cough up hairballs shortly after their meals. I decided to change the dry food because of that. It was one that the pet shop recommended: “cats just love it”, the spotty-faced girl said with a big “I really 💓 cats” t-shirt on. Turned out she was right; cats really did love this particular type of dry food. Especially giant cats… and that’s how Teeny came along.

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