The Tide and Me
February 14, 2019

Warning: this post has nothing to do with Valentine's Day.

I wrote this as I was staring out a window of a café, drinking a really good cup of tea. I realised it's very easy to be hard on yourself, and inspired by that thought I wrote The Tide. It's me basically saying, "you are stronger than you think". Which is very true; we all are stronger than we think we are. I suppose it's a case of believing in ourselves.

Also, I decided to use metaphor of the tide because the beach will always be my spirit home.

Happy Valentine's Day. Make sure to love yourself!

The Tide
The Tide

What a foolish thing to do,
To discount the tide
In a way that
hardly thinks of it.

Perhaps it’s disconcerting
To think of it as it really is -
Perhaps therefore it
Is easier
To walk past it
With your eyes beneath your feet.

What a foolish thing to do,
What a foolish thi…

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