Welcome to my new website!
January 30, 2019

Well, would you look at this! I have a shiny new website, which also means exciting things are on the horizon. But enough of that for now; lets talk about TBoS.

Three Bags of Sugar (TBoS) was thought up back in 2012, named after the first short story I ever wrote. Since then, it has evolved into this fabulous new creature. In the past, it had photos, drawings, daily musings and the occasional book or film review. At its very heart though, it has always been about writing, and that's what I wanted to bring it back to. So from today, it will be filled with my writing (of course) as well as my experiences as a writer. There's a wealth of material there; I have many stories from the moment I realised I quite enjoyed "imagining up worlds" during my undergraduate degree (a few light years ago). I'm also sure there will be more stories to come as I navigate my way though the next chapter of my life.

If you're new to TBoS, and to me, then hello! My name is Karen, and I go by the slightly more writery name "K.M.L. Quinn"; my friends just call me Karen though.

This is a website for people who like to read, write, and maybe even dabble in a bit of both. It's also one that will be for filmmaking fans too, so don't change the channel just yet. I promise it's going to be fun.

So hello friend, my name is Karen and I am a writer. Welcome to TBoS.

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